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A new adventure awaits me in Canada. I got a 1 year contract to work there with a possibility to continue for a longer period. There's less than weeks for me to prepare for this journey.

Flight is set for 9 March though visa is still pending. It's mentally taxing for someone with no prior experience overseas.

My wife, Hida, has been very helpful in pushing me to prepare for the necessities. A part of me is not willing to leave her and our son. However we know that this is probably the best move for me right now.

I'm done with meeting close friends. Though my beloved motorcycle is still an issue. Still trying to find a buyer for it. Worst case scenario is to sell off to a bike shop at a loss.

I'm hoping that this part of my life will make me a better human being.

I'm going to miss studying Arabic with the rest of my family members on Friday nights. I am hopeful that I will find a better teacher in Canada.

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Hi Hida. You are the best thing that have happened to me :)
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It's interesting to see the things that I went through by revisiting my blog. I enjoy writing but I suppose priorities changes and I suppose I felt like keeping things to myself. I no longer read blogs like I used to. Maybe the novelty of it has faded for me.

It's actually the month of Ramadan now. I don't know if this year is a better one from the last. I feel it is not my best as compared to the period when my interest in Islam was ignited.

It's the month of the Quran. I still want to make Quran a very close part of my life. I'm too lazy to even finish this post properly and I guess I'll elaborate on it when I feel like it.
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Please allow me to write to my heart's content in this little dusty corner of cyberspace. The caveat from my last entry has only been because of another black hole of my life. Life is tough, nobody said that it will be easy.

I still do not know where exactly where I am heading towards but surely Allah knows what I do not. The world today is becoming more volatile with every single day that passes, yet I am still trying to figure where I sit in the scheme of things. As a daif insan (weak person), I can only seek guidance from Allah.

I've started working at a new place.

I miss my students.

I can be a better son, a better brother, a better student and a better friend. I would say a better husband too but that has yet to happen. Alhamdulillah, I pray that I will be an uncle soon too.

I feel there is some truth in Maslow's hierarchy of needs. (That's how the secular world sees it. I simply call it sunnatullah.) It is by Allah's will that eveythings has its proper place. Concerns and ambitions has their places too. It was easier for me to put the issue of finding a spouse under the rug when I felt that financially I can be a more stable position. However that stability itself is still an illussion; For I cannot escape from anything if Allah decrees it to be so. But I plan and we plan but Allah is the best of planners.
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This site can do a wonderful job of converting .ttf to .eot in a jiffy.
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My resolution for this year is to look like this. All I have to do is is to lose 238712888kg, buff up, somehow get quick-healing mutant ability and find a mad scientist to conduct adamantium plating on my bones.

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Its a season of celebrations but let's not make ramadan go to waste. I take the momentum of a renewed vigour to scour the lands for a new job. My current contract will expire in less than 3 months. There is an option to extend my contract but I am hoping to move on and finally land a job in my line by then. Working extra hard to finish up my new portfolio site for prospective employers.
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